Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scammer: Spritdude

   Hey guys AgentKim here with today's post. So today I was at Spritdude's den because he said "My den if you want list" and on his list he had a blue headdress, but there were other items which were not as good as that. So I went to his den (to see what he was up to) and then he would say that he would do the headdress last and do all the other ones first, so he said he would accept all the trades, and then once I said "He's probably going to scam"then he added everyone and locked me out. I don't know what he is up to, but I want you guys to be careful if you see this person. 

Jammers Harmed: Unknown


  1. Hey guys! If you guys have any requests of scammers/hackers that you've seen or witnessed, then please let me know so I can either investigate, or learn more about that scammer/hacker. Thank you and be safe jammers!

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