Sunday, November 2, 2014


Creepy user right? This person was trusting in Wootmoo's den. He said the winner gets two spikes. 
I asked for proof and sure enough they were there. Then after I looked, he took them off trade and put a beta gecko. I heard him say party hat winning and that's a way over trade if that really did happen. I told him he would be on this blog and he said he was just doing a giveaway. What an excuse! Later, other people stood up for him and one of them was afamiliar face. 

I remember seeing her scamming two months ago I believe. I'm not sure if I posted it or not but feel free to check! Another person said he wasn't a scam as well. I think it's very likely they could be working together.

I bothered him a little more and he said this:

Lol!!!!!!!! That's all for now! This is Lexey signing off......

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