Monday, September 22, 2014

Wootmoo is a hacker

Hey jammers!
I went to follow my friend who was in wootmoo's den and when I arrived I thought his den looked super suspicious so I decided to post here!
Look at all these betas! Theres giant painted pots, zios sculptures, 1 tv and pots of gems! But look how many there are and thats just one picture.

Here you see open signs, race cars, mira statues, gum ball machines and other betas

Here there are many fire pits, sewing machines and a swing with a cam is frog on it!
I never knew wootmoo was a hacker but now what can I say?
This is all the items hes hacked and cloned theres so many! We have to do something about this and hackers!

Well remember to comment what you think?


  1. <:/ You can't really assume he's a hacker or not... some people just have alot of rares and betas but I guess..?

  2. I have heard rumors that he is one and it is weird how he got all that betas, there is only one way to find out.


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